How To Stop Daydreaming

My name is Emarceen Yusef and I have Maladaptive Daydreaming. I developed the Focusability app to help me stop daydreaming and stay focused while studying, reading, and working. It helped me a lot by saving me hours of wasted time on daydreaming every day. Then I thought to myself if this app helps me, it’s probably going to help others too; so I improved it, added more features, and published it for you to check it out!

How Focusability works:

Let’s say you are trying to read a book. If you read out loud and after a while you start daydreaming in most cases you will stop reading out loud and start daydreaming in silence. Focusability uses this pattern to detect that you lost focus and it alerts you to go back to your task. So all you have to do is turn the alarm on, set an appropriate sound strength and do your task out loud. It does not matter if you are studying, reading, or working; just as long as it is a task that requires mental focus and concentration. Other features are included too to help you monitor your concentration and productivity.
A short video explaining how the app works

Focusability has also increased the productivity of many people with ADHD and ADD, so make sure to share it with the ADHD / ADD community.

Make sure to send me your suggestions and thoughts via the contact screen inside the app.

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